Reflecting the current times is a function of the artist.

To inform present and future generations is the significance of art. 

Within my practice I do so by utilizing the abundance of materials that we have available to us each day, as well as a consciousness of the resources being used to create the work. Most of what I use has been a collection from my everyday life. By repurposing I can be an example of how to turn something obsolete into a work of art. 


To relate projects, I use aesthetic to create that common thread. Whether there is a narrative or not behind individual works, the way it looks as a body of work is how I tie everything together as a whole. Color pallet, materials and shape are all repetitive core principles.  The basic elements of art all have a strong presence in the finished product. Color is one that I focus on heavily, believing it is the artist's most importance asset. Without it being a main component, this would be a drab world. I continuously build on a look that is cohesive and recognizable to my name.


Although I believe that art should stand strong without a background story, aesthetic and concept seem to be playing a balancing act in my work. Narrative creates reasoning and a structural backbone.  This starts the conversation on a deeper level of relation that hopefully exceeds myself. On a generalized spectrum my concepts revolve around material culture, portraiture, personality traits, time, memory, the human experience, social structure and decorative ornamentation. These subjects intermingle with one another and continuously lead to new ideas that I personify through objects.   


When viewing art, I try to keep this in mind: the visual arts are an important factor in the humanities. Simply appreciating creation for being an achievement of what the human mind is capable of. Ideas, concepts, and physical objects are the product of where we stand as a culture and as a human race; The capacity of what our minds are capable of. That's something to be appreciated.